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Ani-com & Games
Hong Kong

The Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong, formerly known as the Hong Kong Comics Festival, has been held at the end of July every year since 1999.
Before that, comics dealers only exhibited at the Hong Kong Book Fair. In the early days of the Comic Festival, the main exhibitors were comic publishing houses. The Hong Kong Video Game Show was also held at the same venue hence attracting many computer game and online game manufacturers as well. Due to the development of the local comic industry in recent years, comic characters have gradually entered the world of animation from the traditional method of comic books. Therefore, the “Comic Festival” was renamed “Hong Kong Animation Festival and Video Game Show” in 2006.
In 2008, it was officially combined into the current “Hong Kong Animation-Comic-Game Convention” (ACGHK, namely “Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong”).

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Elefunpop Art & Toy Show

The most eye catching and memorable event of 2021 was the Elefunpop Art & Toy Show 2022 which graced ACGHK for the first time, showcasing many works and designs through a variety of artists from around the world. Among them, 16 world-class toy designers from China, Korea, France, Malaysia and Hong Kong will hold the “Popeye+ Friends Art Fit Exhibition” with the classic cartoon character “Popeye” as the main theme. More than 20 unique and tailor-made works will also be exposed for the first time with a variety of ultra-limited collectibles being displayed and sold at the venue.

A look back at past ACGs